Long Life Battery GPS tracker

Long Life Battery GPS tracker

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This GPS tracking device can be powered by lithium batteries and give up to 7 years of operation @ 1 position per day. It also has a special battery meter to accurately track how much power used and how much power left - way more advanced than a simple voltage read which is often inaccurate with lithium batteries. 

The super small form factor and no wiring of the device allows quick installation by anyone - set and forget.

Affordable, reliable and high quality build that gives best in class performance.

Super high performance GPS, GLONASS, and amplified LNA signalling, in a tiny form factor, and works on the latest 4G Cat-M1 bands on Telstra - this device will give the highest coverage and best tracking signal of any GPS tracker on the market. Note Telstra is turning off all 3G bands in 2020 - so it is critical to have the latest 4G to ensure device lasts for years. Cat M1 technology gives this device superior battery efficiency to last so long.

The device reports back via online tracking platform - allowing you to login and have full Fleet Management capability.


Requires a data/tracking subscription- upon request